Så er julen overstået

Så er der ikke mere tid til at holde jule-ferie (det blev til d. 23-25) projektarbejdet kalder endnu engang, og den sidste slutspurt til afleveringsdatoen (d 8. januar) er igang. Julen var rigtig hyggelig hjemme hos forældrene med besøg af både min storesøster Julie, Claus, Marie og min farmor og min fars lillesøster, så alt i alt en juleaften med en del flere gæster end der plejer.

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  1. Luigi Says:

    Richard! Take your Ritalin!The whole thing stems from American Pop Psychology that tells people the dream is to have a big home with a big yard. They moved as far away as was feibasle from their jobs so that they could afford bigger homes and bigger yards. Add in a good old dose of American race problems and you got white flight. It’s an old and oft studied subject, and barring a major shift in American psychology and race relations, it will continue this way. Will the exurbs die? Doubtful. If transportation becomes too costly, look for more and more employers to start moving jobs to the exurbs to make up for it, as many corporations are already doing.But I would have to agree with those who prefer city living. Give me a 15 minute commute to work and loads of restaurants, bars, clubs, and theaters to choose from any day instead of a few more square feet or some more lawn to mow. And those “uncivilized people” that bigot Honica Jewinski refers to, well I rub elbows with them on a daily basis and have to tell you everyone acts pretty damn civilized, they have to in order to share the compact space of a big city with millions of other people. The only folks who are afraid of them are the idiots living in the exurbs who have to come up with some sort of excuse to dignify their 4 hour daily commute.

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